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  1. anonym93

    [Shop] Medkit

    sm_shop_medkit_max_health 50 😆
  2. anonym93

    [VIP] Skins

    Is someone which have issue with any VIP which using a skin and is behind to any doors and if someone hitting the door, the person which have VIP Skin is getting damaged even if is not shooting on him? I'm asking that because after the last SM Update #6488 and last vip core, I have that issue on...
  3. anonym93

    [Shop] CS:GO Skins

    When I'm trying to use preview skin, I just press button and nothing happening without error or any logs. Know someone any fixes?
  4. anonym93

    [Shop] Skins

    will be any updates to include arms model?
  5. anonym93

    [Shop] Medkit

    Is someone know why when I use command !medkit I get that message? You have no medkits in the inventory! anonym93 ღ : !medkit And already I have 20 medkits on shop but I can't use it from command, only from Shop menu, any fixes?
  6. anonym93

    [Shop] Open case

  7. anonym93

    [Shop] FlipGame

    When selecting bid from menu, got error about max limit is 100 and I have already set bid minim 50 and maximum 1000, any idea?
  8. anonym93

    [Levels Ranks] Actual & Adaptive WEB

    Works fine for few days and with no reason has stop to working main module (Top Players) and I get that error Notice: Undefined index: module_block_main_top in /var/www/************/test/app/modules/module_block_main_top/forward/interface.php on line 36 Warning: sizeof(): Parameter must be an...
  9. anonym93

    [Shop] BHop

    Thanks! After few search I didn't see that until you posted. Thanks a lot!
  10. anonym93

    [Shop] BHop

    can't do nothing to bypass from SMAC ? coz I get too many messages about "bhop script" :)
  11. anonym93

    [Levels Ranks] Module - VIP for Rank

    is someone updating to 3.1 please?
  12. anonym93

    [Shop] Core (Fork)

    Hi, I have a Question! If I want to use "Preview" function for example to "Aura", I want to activate that "Preview" Function before to buy the item from Shop... Can someone give me an example how is using that function please?
  13. anonym93

    [Shop] Trails

    Is someone tested to CS:GO If it's working?
  14. anonym93

    [VIP] Skins

    It's a good Plugin to use for changing VIP Skins but i'm not recommend to use Gloves plugin coz you will see when you have Custom skin on a body and put Gloves skin , the texture is overlaps... 9/10! Thanks for that plugin