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    Автор RedSword
    Afk Bomb

    V. 1.5.0

    Что под спойлерами, то не перевел(ибо не очень в английском)

    Особенности :
    • Предотраращает людей AFK с бомбой.
    • Бомба дается рандомом (или выпадает).

    Как это работает :
    • Для проверки первого раунда:
    • Проверяет человека с бомбой в начале раунда (1,0 секунд)
    • Если через некоторое время игрок не двиниться, то он считается АФК: бомба упадет/передастся (в зависимости от afkbomb_action), и отобразится сообщение.
    • Для проверки:
    • После первой проверки, проверка повторяется, но она использует convar «afkbomb_lateCheckDelay» для задержки между двумя проверками.
    • Когда общее количество проверок, где игрок не изменить его состояние равно значению convar «afkbomb_lateCheck», а затем бомба упадет/передастся (в зависимости от afkbomb_latecheckaction).

    Known bugs/exploits :
    • The bomber can drop his bomb in an unfinite loop (rare; depends on spawn location; if it happens someone can stick him where he throws the bomb to get it, so it isn't a real problem). Since 1.3.1 this is way less frequent (throw is harder).
    • -------The following are since 1.4.0 and updated since 1.5.0-------
    • The random person can be AFK (ONLY if no players are moving since 1.5.0).
    • A player could exploit "afkbomb_latecheckaction 0" feature by fake-afking and therefore send the bomb to a random teamate elsewhere on the map. (in 1.5.0, I did split afkbomb_action into the same CVar and afkbomb_latecheckaction )

    CVars :
    • afkbombversion: Версия плагина
    • -------------------------
    • afkbomb : как долго в секундах, перед проверкой человека. 0 = плагин выкл. 1+ = плагин вкл. По умолчанию 2.
    • afkbomb_freezetime : Если 1 то «mp_freezetime» значение добавится к таймеру, который будет работать с первой проверки. По умолчанию 0 (выкл).
    • -------------------------
    • afkbomb_msg: показать сообщение, когда упала бомба (afkbomb_action = 1) / уведомлять терористор кому рандомом далась бомба (afkbomb_action = 0). 0 = нет, 1 = да. По умолчанию 1.
    • -------------------------
    • afkbomb_latecheck : Number of latechecks to do before dropping the bomb. 0 = disable latechecks. Default 2.
    • afkbomb_latecheckdelay: время между 2ой перепроверки бросить бомбу, в секундах. Минимум 1.0, по умолчанию 5.0.
    • afkbomb_action: что делать, когда обнаружен АФК с бомбой в начале раунда. 1 = Кинуть. 0 = Дать случайному игрока. По умолчанию 0.
    • afkbomb_latecheckaction: что делать, когда обнаружен АФК с бомбой после начала раунда. 1 = Кинуть. 0 = Дать случайному игроку (не рекомендуется, так как он может быть тоже AFK). По умолчанию 1. (Это afkbomb_action для latechecks)

    Notes :
    • Скинте "afkbomb.phrases.txt" в папку "translations".
    • To manually bomb drop and other useful bomb related commands, use Bomb Commands (has menu and a tell-me-who-threw-the-bomb-in-an-unreachable-spot thing).

    Translators :
    • Russian by noPASARAN (1/2)
    • Portuguese by away000
    • Polish by sajmon83
    • Dutch by Groger
    • German by Dr. Greg House
    • Lithuanian by hleV
    • Korean by Blowst
    • (French by me)

    Changelog :
    • 1.0.0 Initial release. (07-03-2011)
    • 1.0.1 Removed check for first gun. Added check for money (kinda seems redundant but there could be problem with other plugins, we never know). Also added 'TIMER_FLAG_NO_MAPCHANGE' timer flag so we could be sure there is no possible afk on map change. (07-03-2011)
    • 1.1.0 Made the bomber teamsay that he appears afk and he's dropping the bomb. Also come with a translation file (fr + en). (07-03-2011)
    • 1.1.1 Slight optimization. Changed 4x3 'new' by 'decl'. (08-03-2011)
    • 1.2.0 Added ConVar to choose if we want or not the afk bomber to say that he's afk. Default is 1 (enabled). (10-03-2011)
    • 1.2.1 Increased initial check delay from 0.5 to 1.0 seconds. It seems that some spawn points (like 2 on the whole bunch) on de_dust2 could make the player fall for more than 0.5 sec -_-', meaning that afk-bomb wouldn't drop it. (14-03-2011)
    • 1.2.2 Corrected problem where afkbomb would disconnect between the two check (GetClientOfUserId() returning 0, therefore applying a function to world --> my bad). (24-03-2011)
    • 1.2.3 Corrected an improbable bug (made round-check work using DataPack; a round restart could make 2 "SecondScan" function work at the same time; meaning an unwanted faster bombdrop). Also updated "wpndrop-cstrike.games.txt" (thanks to Dr!fter !). It should now work with DM (thanks to sinblaster for testing) and Macs. Also added credits. (08-04-2011)
    • Added russian translation. Thanks to noPASARAN. (28-05-2011)
    • Changed translation file format from UTF-16 (not supported lol ><) to UTF-8. Sorry if anyone had problem with that; I couldn't test at the moment I added the translation. So now the text will show as supposed. (03-06-2011)
    • 1.3.0 Added late/midround checks. (03-06-2011)
    • Added brazilian portuguese and polish translations. Thanks to respectively away000 (pt) and Arcy (pl). (04-06-2011)
    • 1.3.1 Bomb is now dropped further (was requested, but didn't know there was SUCH an easy way to do it; just changing 1 bool value did the job). Thanks to Dr!fter for his code and Sammit92 for pointing that Dr!fter's plugin dropped c4 differently. (28-06-2011)
    • Added dutch translation. Thanks to Groger. (30-06-2011)
    • Added german translation. Thanks to "Dr. Greg House". (01-07-2011)
    • 1.3.2 Corrected a minor memory leak happening when creating timer. Thanks to psychonic for reporting. (13-08-2011)
    • Approved by psychonic. (13-08-2011)
    • 1.4.0 (07-09-2011)
      • Added as requested the possibility to give to a random terrorist the bomb rather than drop it. I do not recommend to use that option since it can be exploited (by fake-afking; also the bomb could be given to another afk). (New CVar : afkbomb_action)
      • If you're to use that option you'll need to re-download the translations. Also that option's verbose only has EN + FR.
      • Reworked code indentation (uses more space; easier to read).
    • 1.4.1 Bomber check is now directly rerun after giving the bomb to someone else (if afkbomb_action = 0). This will make giving the bomb from afk to afk less troublesome. (08-09-2011)
    • Added lithuanian translation. Thanks to hleV. (18-09-2011)
    • Updated wpndrop-cstrike.games.txt, since yesterday's update changed some functions' signatures. Big thanks to TnTSCS for bringing me the gamedata (didn't even have to request ; pre 1.4.2). (08-11-2011)
    • 1.4.2 Removed dependency for wpndrop-cstrike.games.txt gamedata file. This is possible due to SM 1.4.0 built-in CSWeaponDrop gamedata under CS_DropWeapon function. This lighten the .sp and .smx a tiny bit. (23-02-2012)
    • Added korean translation. Thanks to Blowst and sorry for the long delay. Also completed portuguese translation. Thanks to away000. (16-04-2012)
    • Completed german translation. Thanks to Dr. Greg House. (17-04-2012)
    • Completed dutch translation. Thanks to Groger. (18-04-2012)
    • 1.5.0 (21-04-2012)
      • Added CVar afkbomb_latecheckaction to decide on which action is to be taken when a bomber is afk in mid-round. This is to have a different behaviour than the one on round start, which is still defined by CVar afkbomb_action.
      • When giving the bomb to a random terrorist, the moving players get priority over non-moving one (so no more FUUUU-the-bomb-went-to-another-afk thing).
      • By default this plugin now give the bomb to another terrorist on round start, and then drop it in mid-round (rather than always dropping by default in pre-1.5.0).
    • Replaced Arcy's polish translation by sajmon83's one. Looks better and finally complete polish translation. Thanks to sajmon83. (26-05-2012)

    Что мог перевел так что сильно не бейте:taunt:
    Кто переведет лучше скидывайте сюда я переделаю!:beer:


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