Problem with the Clients CS:S (ZR3.1)

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  1. imperial


    Hallo up once again :beer: I Have great potencial problem with my server:
    Play "example" has Joined the Game
    2 Sec - 5 sec later
    Player "example" Disconnect by user.

    So thats means i have probally a problem with my Files to download but i dont understand why it breaks my head every day... (Maybe they click wrong server) But i dont think, that happens with every 3th Player ! I use RevEmu Emoluator (is lot of money going out) from 100%, 50 % Makes in the Server.. 50% Has the problem what i write above. From this 50% goes again let me say 20-25 % Because they dont like the server or other reasons .. You guys understand what im saying? :-D (Its expensive for just soem % of Players^^) How ever this problem is actually only reported on my server i stalked already other server to spec if tehy have the same but it dont seems Like .. I dont Realy know wehre the F*ck is the Problem .. Im Realy Thankfull if ya Guys can me help out to solve this problem ... All my Files
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bzip2 in FastDL server !
    2. my URL (sv_downloadurl "")
    3. I try already without the "/" at the end of "cstrike"
    4. sv_allowdownload/upload "1" !
    5. sv_consestency "1" (maybe i write wrong but in the server.cfg is all right!)
    6. My System: OS type: Linux 3.X/2.6 Kernel (vm over proxmox) (126), cpu:_ 3 sockets, 4 cores, 6GB Ram
    7. My rates:
    //Bandwidth Rates
    sv_minrate "18000"
    sv_maxrate "65105"
    decalfrequency "30"
    sv_minupdaterate "10"
    sv_maxupdaterate "66"
    sv_mincmdrate "10"
    sv_maxcmdrate "66"
    sv_client_cmdrate_difference "20"