sm_ex - неизвестная команда на продление карты.

Тема в разделе "Общие вопросы", создана пользователем Yura7181, 7 окт 2016.

  1. Yura7181


    Всем привет.

    Недавно для себя обнаружил, что карту можно продлевать командой sm_ex (меняется mp_timelimit).

    Кто нибудь может подсказать какой плагин отвечает за это?

    В мапчойсере встроенном в соурсмод и отдельном мапчойсере экстендет не нашёл.

    Извиняюсь, если это глупый вопрос.

    Гугл ничего не выдаёт:


    Заранее спасибо.
    Последнее редактирование: 7 окт 2016
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  2. inklesspen

    inklesspen @wailder_1 взбесил.

    Список плагинов в студию
  3. Yura7181



    ] sm plugins list
    "ZombieEscape: Special Team Balancer" (1.0.0) by AlmazON
    "[CS] Extra Spawn Points [ESP]" (1.1) by Roy (Christian Deacon)
    "Basic Chat" ( by AlliedModders LLC
    "AFK Manager" (4.0.2) by Rothgar
    "Button Watcher" (1.1) by Franc1sco franug
    "Map configs" (1.3) by Berni
    "Basic Comm Control" ( by AlliedModders LLC
    "Rock The Vote Extended" (1.10.0) by Powerlord and AlliedModders LLC
    "ANTI CONFIG DDOS" (1.3) by horr0rjkee
    "i3D Voice Whitelist" (1.1a) by Nightshadow
    To see more, type "sm plugins 11"
    ] sm plugins 11
    "CS:GO: Remove Smoke" (1.0) by Peace-Maker
    "Radar and map screen downloader" (1.0) by Joshua 'Woopers' Stinkson
    "WeaponCleanerCSGO.smx" WeaponCleanerCSGO.smx
    "[ZR] Show nickname on HUD" ([ZR] 1.0) by Graffiti & Oshizu
    "[CS:GO] Auto Pick" (1.0.0) by Panduh (AlliedMods: thetwistedpanda)
    "Z:R Grenade magic" (1.0.0) by Marica Stevens
    "SM CS:GO Weapon Paints" (2.8.4 public version) by Franc1sco franug
    "Toggle Weapon Sounds clientprefs" (1.0.2) by GoD-Tony
    "Zombie:Reloaded" (3.1) by Greyscale | Richard Helgeby
    "Basic Commands" ( by AlliedModders LLC
    "SourceBans++" ( by SourceBans Development Team, Sarabveer(VEER™)
    To see more, type "sm plugins 22"
    ] sm plugins 22
    "entWatch" (3.0.3) by Prometheum & zaCade
    "Fun Votes" ( by AlliedModders LLC
    "Web Shortcuts CS:GO version" (2.4) by Franc1sco franug and James "sslice" Gray
    "SM ZR Force Teams" (1.0) by Franc1sco franug
    "Client Preferences" ( by AlliedModders LLC
    "NoBlock" (1.4.2) by Team
    "Admin Help" ( by AlliedModders LLC
    "MapChooser Extended" (1.10.2) by Powerlord, Zuko, and AlliedModders LLC
    "[ZR] CS:GO Grenade Effects" (2.2 CSGO fix by Franc1sco franug) by FrozDark ( LLC) and Franc1sco franug
    "Terrible Enable Full Alltalk" (0.02) by Sheepdude
    "SourceBans: Admin Config Loader" ((SB++) by AlliedModders LLC, Sarabveer(VEER™)
    To see more, type "sm plugins 33"
    ] sm plugins 33
    "'Inferno' weapons knockback" (0.0.1) by Jeremiah Dickson
    "Test" (1.0.0) by FrozDark
    "autozspawn_new.smx" autozspawn_new.smx
    "SM CS:GO Franug Knives" (1.5) by Franc1sco franug
    "Player Commands" ( by AlliedModders LLC
    "SM Console chat countdown detector" (1.1.3) by Franc1sco franug
    "Offline Ban list" (2.4.2) by Grey™ & R1KO
    "Player Visibility" (1.2.5) by White Wolf
    "Nextmap" ( by AlliedModders LLC
    "Green ruckus muckus" (1.0) by Dickory Hickory Jones
    "ZR Custom CS:GO Arms" (4.0) by Franc1sco franug
    To see more, type "sm plugins 44"
    ] sm plugins 44
    "Token Auto Updater" (1.0.1) by Pheonix (˙·٠●Феникс●٠·˙)
    "CS:GO Knockback Fix" (1.3.3) by Jannik "Peace-Maker" Hartung, Franc1sco franug, Mapeadores
    "CS:GO - Show The Right Next Map (STRNM)" (1.0.3) by PharaohsPaw
    "CS:GO Join Team Fix" (1.0) by Detonator
    "Forlix FloodCheck" (1.73) by Forlix (Dominik Friedrichs)
    "Ammo Script for Zombie:Reloaded" (2.1) by [SG-10]Cpt.Moore, Richard Helgeby, Kyle Sanderson
    "Admin List" (2.1e) by Samantha & AlmazON edition
    "Rules Plugin" (1.1) by haN
    "Execute Configs" (1.2.3) by Tsunami to v1.0, volt to v1.1, FirEXE to v1.2.2, Franug to v1.2.3
    "Basic Info Triggers" ( by AlliedModders LLC
    "Basic Votes" ( by AlliedModders LLC
    To see more, type "sm plugins 55"
    ] sm plugins 55
    "gameME Plugin" (4.7.2) by TTS Oetzel & Goerz GmbH
    "TOGs Console Colors" (1.2_csgo) by That One Guy
    "Sound Commands" ( by AlliedModders LLC
    "Radio Spam Block" (1.0.0) by exvel
    "Always Weapon Skins" (2.2.5) by Neuro Toxin
    "csgo_strnm_tab.smx" csgo_strnm_tab.smx
    "CS:GO Movement Unlocker" (1.0) by Peace-Maker
    "[ANY] Admin See WHO Typed All Commands" (1.1) by El Diablo
    "Fun Commands" ( by AlliedModders LLC
    "SM Franug Weapons" (3.1) by Franc1sco franug
    "Easy Spectate" (0.0.1) by Tadeo 'Pichi' Cantuano
    To see more, type "sm plugins 66"
    ] sm plugins 66
    "Stop Map Music" (1.1.1) by GoD-Tony & AlmazON
    "Flashlight" (1.3.2) by Mitch
    "Admin File Reader" ( by AlliedModders LLC
    "ZR Class Fix" (1.5) by Mapeadores
    "Team Logo Management" (1.3) by Neuro Toxin
    "Thirdperson" (1.6 CS:GO edition) by shavit and Franc1sco franug
    "Map Nominations Extended" (1.10.0) by Powerlord and AlliedModders LLC
    "ZR Repeat Kill Detector" (1.0.2) by GoD-Tony
    "SM Franug CSGO Ammo fix" (1.1) by Franc1sco franug
    "Hive365 Player" (3.0.3) by
    "Plugin Manager" (1.1.0) by R-Hehl
    To see more, type "sm plugins 77"
    ] sm plugins 77
    "Team Names" (1.1) by Internet Bully
    "SourceComms" ((SB++) by Alex, Sarabveer(VEER™)
    "Реклама" (1.2) by Pheonix (˙·٠●Феникс●٠·˙)
    "Napalm Lag Fix" (1.0.3) by GoD-Tony
    "i3D-Teleport" (1.11) by Tony G.
    "Reserved Slots" ( by AlliedModders LLC
    "zr overlay,score tempfix" (1.07) by
    "'Inferno' weapons slowdown" (1.0.1) by Jeremiah Jackson
    "Admin Menu" ( by AlliedModders LLC
    "SM Show Health Victim" (3.1) by Franc1sco Steam: franug
    "Anti-Flood" ( by AlliedModders LLC
    To see more, type "sm plugins 88"
    ] sm plugins 88
    "Self-Mute" (1.02) by Otokiru ,edit 93x, Accelerator
    "Chat Colors CSGO" (1.2) by Phoenix - Феникс
    "SourceBans Checker" ((SB++) by psychonic, Ca$h Munny, Sarabveer(VEER™)
    "Rotate server graphic banners" (0.3) by HiTmAnY
    "RestartGame" (0.1) by InCognIto
    "Simple Chat Processor (Redux)" (1.1.5) by Simple Plugins, Mini
    "Simple Welcome Message" (1.2) by Zuko
    "SourceSleuth" ((SB++) by ecca, Sarabveer(VEER™)
    "Burn Speed Penalty" (1.33333333333333) by Lickaroo Johnson McPhaley
    "CS:GO particle auto-precacher" (1.2.4) by Copypaste Slim
    "Switch to another map from the small online" (1.0.1) by GoDtm666
    To see more, type "sm plugins 99"
    ] sm plugins 99
    "Admintime" (1.0) by SemJeF
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